Marriage and family counselling


Is your relationship in crisis? When relationships are caught up in patterns of anger and recrimination, resentment and pain can make it impossible to communicate with your partner. Over time, if nothing is done, walls are built and a loss of connection can leave the relationship feeling empty. Feelings of hopelessness can leave you believing that it is impossible to change things. Skillful intervention can breath new life into such a relationship.

People often ask me what is the difference between couples counselling and couples therapy or marriage counseling or marriage counselling. These terms are actually used interchangeably. In the past couples therapy or marriage therapy was suposed to go into the relationship in more depth than couples counselling or marriage counselling but this distiction is no longer valid. Another term that is also used and means the same thing is relationship counselling.

I have helped hundreds of couples who have come to me for counselling about their relationship. The most frequent request for help in marriage or couples counselling is how to communicate better. This is an important skill to learn but equally important is the need to realize the basic needs to belong and feel close and intimate with another.

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Providing therapy to adults for relationship problems, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem,anger, social anxiety, and trauma.

About Jack Lewis

I am a registered psychologist in the province of Alberta and have been practicing as a qualified psychologist for over 30 years.